Sometimes things in our lives don’t quite work out the way we planned. Sometimes they do, but it isn’t the answer we thought it would be... Sometimes we just feel stuck.

The answers for how to move forward are there within us, but we need a little help to find them - we need someone to ask the right questions. A Life Coach asks us those questions without judgment and always keeping what we want in mind.

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We all experience loss in our life. Sometimes, it is very clear, like when someone we love dies, but sometimes it is more hidden.

At times, it is the hidden losses which impact us the most because they go unnoticed by others, and so go unacknowledged and unsupported.


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Often when a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, family and friends have great difficulty discussing death with them. This is where an End of Life Coach can be very helpful. The person who is dying needs to be able to process and explore what is happening to them. They need to know what is normal under the circumstances. 


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Patricia Hillary Clark Quinlan        BSPsy, MSEd, CEOL                       

Pat Q., also known as Hillary, has been working to help people be the best they can be for thirty years. Through her work as a dance teacher working with children and adults with disabilities to working as a NYS Certified Educator specializing in at-risk youth and adults, she has developed an ability to help people move from where they are to where they truly want to be.  This is the definition of coaching.

At the college level, she has worked with returning Veterans and is a VA/VITAL trained Veteran Advocate. Her work with youth and adults has included coaching survivors of sexual abuse, addiction, alcoholism, and abandonment.

Her personal experiences of loss inform her understandings of what grief and mourning truly are and why it is important to have someone to walk the journey with you.

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